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Basics of the Sociological Imagination

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Zohreh Bayatrizi

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Mills work reflects on the global context cold war fear politics etc and the national context but it still applies to the issues of today Men then felt that their private lives are a series of traps and that they cannot simply overcome their troubles and in this feeling they are often quite correct What ordinary men are directly aware of and what they attempt to do are bound by the private orbits in which they live Changes within the life of an individual affect history and history affects the life of an individual biographyhistory man society self world The things that happen in our personal lives are caused by social and structural transformationsMills discusses the interplay between man and society and says in order to understand this connection we must have and convey the sociological imagination a certain mindset and set of intelligent tools by which to see the world The SI allows the observer to see a greater picture of life and the variety of individuals Mills says that one can only know where their life is going by seeing where the world is going it is important to know our history and to recognize how our life is interconnected with both the history and future of those
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