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Zohreh Bayatrizi

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Herbert Marcuse y influenced by Freud y wrote several books including Eros and Civilization and One Dimensional Man o in Eros and Civilization he expands on Freuds ideas of social discontent and repression of instincts sublimation of instinctual desires and energiesjust because we have 100 video games does not mean we actually have any more time for themhistorically we are spending an increasing amount of time doing work with less and less free timeprivate space is attacked by commercialism tv dinners microwaves etc o in One Dimensional Man he discusses how we are geared towards technical rationality y sexual desires must be sublimatedrechanneled into work or other better things or else recreate them in the correct ways such as behind closed doors in a heterosexual marriage o sex today is liberated 1960s o sexual appeal used to sell thingsSituationism y a reaction to exactly the type of thing Marcuse discusses y 1960s y alienation how we make things but we treat them as separate fro
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