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University of Alberta
Bryan Hogeveen

Jan 17 – Soc 224 Gender Norms • What are ideal behaviours and conduct for boys? • Gender is social, sex is biological. Gender is socially constructed and is created by being in the world. Boys gender is called masculinity. • Patterns of gender give us codes of what it means to be a boy and what it means to be a girl • To be a girl in western society, it is expected for her to be nice, pretty, being able to multitask, be docile, submissive, and be social. • To be a guy in western society, it is expected for him to be tough, aggressive, dominant, not to show emotion, show pride • In our society, we see a growing connection with being a man and being aggressive and violent • Men put on this tough disguise and is a defense mechanism to survive and hide their emotion • In order for society to get men to stop putting on this tough guy front, we need women and society to show that they want something more than this tough guise • the combo of understanding the guy as a tough guy as well as understanding him as tough, assertive has a part in how he interacts with society How Do We Learn these ways of being? • We learn these ways through socialization • Toys can be agents that can spell what is acceptable for boys and girls • Fisher price is can show us how gender can be associated with gender expectations • The princess culture has affected girls today • Everytime we do something, we know every rep strengthens the neural pathway. Evolving • Point is.. norms are ever changing and silently guide all areas of human behaviour Price of non-conformity • Ex. A boy with long hair can be expelled if he doesn’t cut his hair to match the school regulation • Patterns of behaviour are engrained in us at a young age, and formulated as time goes on What is a crime? • Crime is anything that goes against the criminal code • In order for us to have a crime, you have to be accused of breaking the criminal code • In western society, you are innocent until proven guilty • Crime comes from the latin term crimen meaning accusation • Legal definition: crime is what the law proclaims it to be and a crime is an act punishable by law • Simply any act that is in contradiction with the criminal code • When you are arrested, you are being accused of something by the officer Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea • Actus reus – the act of committing the crime • Mens rea – the me
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