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Jan 24 - Research Methodologies.doc
Jan 24 - Research Methodologies.doc

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University of Alberta
Bryan Hogeveen

Jan 24 – Research • To evaluate data, we need to see where it is from and assess its validity • When we see things presented to us, we shouldn’t take things at face value. We should do our own research on the issue Methodology • Means through which to answer research questions • Research questions dictate the methodlogy How battle bad science • Critically appraisal of data (PHD defence) • Question the authority and data • For data, we need to see who is sponsoring research • We need to see what claims the data is making • We need to see if the study done was a double blind study • Was the data peer reviewed? • We need to see who is filling out the surveys for a study • We need to show methodologies for how they got their facts • We need to use technology as a method of learning in the classroom Look to Offenders With Self Report Studies • Inductive reasoning is where theory comes out of the data. It is grounded theory. It is theory building. • Deductive reasoning is where you start out with a theory and set out to prove it. It is quantitative in nature. It is theory tested, rather than theory building Know this for exam! Look To Contexts.. Ethnography and Pariticpant Observation • Ethnography is way of research where there is no set protocol for methods. • The ethnographic process – becoming an obser
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