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Bryan Hogeveen

Jan 10 - What is Deviance? • Something different than the social norm • Pushing the boundaries of society set up through norms • Deviance is a violation of social norms* • Deviance is any behaviour that violates social norms • Social norms are expectations, typical behaviours, and standards for our behaviour set by society • Most human activity can be plotted on a bell curve • Anyone in the major region is considered normal • Human beings crave belonging and want to be part of a group • Even those who don’t want to be part of society can form their own groups. These are called subcultures • Subcultures are formed because people love to belong to stuff and give us identity • Identity is critical to how we understand ourselves • Our identities are established by belonging to groups • There is negative and positive deviance Free Hugs Campaign This is positive deviance because it isn’t causing harm or destruction Its positive deviance because it is making people happy It was deviant because it broke social norms. It broke the norm of personal space and hugging strangers TED in NY subway with the bubbles • This is deviance because Kristin is different than most people • Humans are very individualistic and unto ourselves • In our society, the norm is to be individualistic, not to be open to others. • The norm is to win at all costs and take out anyone who stands in our way We see the dalai lama and mother Theresa as examples of positive deviant • The dalai lama and mother Theresa challenge the worlds beliefs. They put forward a radical way to view the world. • Mutual respect is an openness to having a mutual dialogue. We understand where each party is coming from • Positive deviance is something outside of the norm of how we should behave Norms in/and our behaviour • How do you know what the norms of our society are?
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