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Bryan Hogeveen

Feb 26 – Social Construction • Sometimes things can be different than what we expected. • These false perceptions are from the media • The media constructs things as being more awesome than what they are Spy Glasses • Spy glasses were supposed to make you see things like a spy • However, they are just cheap sunglasses • The media constructs an image that is often at odds with the reality • How a thing is constructed holds effects for how we relate to that thing Social Construction in Action • Responding to the social construction – not the thing itself • Media is a very powerful agent to this end: watershed film • Places like fox news can construct an image of something to their liking and influence the populations views on certain situations • Fox news can use the social construction to make their own point • The media is an important agent of social construction • When talking about social construction, we talk about how our perceptions about certain things are built • The perception we have of youth is that they are out of control and trouble • When it comes to things like youth kills someone, then people will pay attention to that • The problem isn’t that we just have an erroneous perception of youth, the problem is when that image gets put into effect and we think these rare cases constitute youth crime • Media is a powerful player when it comes to youth • When the abnormal becomes normal, the effect is that it contours how it is how we perceive the issue and how we ought to deal with it • The construction of the issue has an effect on how we relate to and deal with that issue • Social construction is powerful because it shapes our reaction to things and how we deal with them • When we think of youth in society, we don't think of the awesomeness what they do • Older generations think of youth as troubled people, not as difference makers or future of the world Social Constructing Reality 1.) Need a society 2.) Make certain we are talking about the same thing
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