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Bryan Hogeveen

Feb 12 – Soc 224 Movie questions 1. What criminal justice approach is associated with the phrase “tough justice”? • The American style for putting people in no frills jail. • Chinas strike hard system • Tough justice is associated with extreme forms of punishment such as death and supermax jails 2. What criminal justice approach is associated with the phrase “gentle justice”? • The Finnish jails with having open jails • The prison farms • Rehabilitation strategies where we try to help people become conforming members of society 3. What does the criminal justice practices in different countries suggest about the values in society? • Japanese conform so that if they don't conform, they will be punished • As times go on, we are progressing to the tough justice approach and we are looking into how to more intrusively govern those who offend • Crime is a political issue • Crime gets played up in the media and is something politicians will stake their political career upon • We need to determine what the role of law is. Is it to punish or to sweep up social problems? • Role of law is to punish people who do wrong things • When we double our punishments, we aren’t dealing with the reason why people do crime in the first place. What we do is to look to law to be the solution to social problems such as drug use. • The criminal justice system does a great job at responding to crime but does a bad job at solving why the crime happens Conformity – we’re all different right? • How powerful is the drive to conform? • Why do we conform? Because society tells us to. And because we want to be part of a machine • Why do we go to work at jobs we don't particularly enjoy? Because we want to conform and the price of nonconformity is much more. The drive to conform is so powerful in western society. We all conform to standards of behaviour and dress. • Sometimes we use non conformity as a way to fit in (ex. Wanna be the guy who always wears the oilers jersey) • What is the power of advertising? • Peer pressure is so immense so we ultimately conform • Note: Kendrick lamar – the art of peer pressure • The stuff we own end up owning us • Our interactions with others heavily influence what we believe about ourselves and our social world Theorizing the Individual • Welfare mentality has been called into question • The individual is No longer seen as deserving of assistance from the state • Rather, individual problems are considered individual pathology, rather than a product of the social conditions in which they are immersed • Homelessness is a personal pathology rather than a lack of accommodation • Ex. The unemployed person is officially designated a “job seeker” • Job seeker is a term which places the problem firmly within the mode of life of the individual • You can do it we can help! What Does it Mean to Be “Socialized”? • Not “to socialize” • Being raised from birth onward – lifelong process • Necessary for our own survival and that of society • How to come to know and understand ourselves and our place in the social world • Its all about learning! • Human being = nature/ biology/heredity + nurture/social environment/ society + personal experiences Socialization is... • Lifelong process of social interaction through which individuals acquire a self- identity and the physical, mental, and social skills needed for survival in soci
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