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Bryan Hogeveen

March 5 – Soc 224 Guest Lecture 46 MC questions 21 from lecture 24 from the book Unsolved Homicides and High Risk Missing Persons –“K” Division Serious Crimes Branch “KARE” Purpose • Provide an overview of missing/murdered investigations in RCMP jurisdiction, Alberta • Provide an overview of RCMP Serious Crimes Branch/KARE • There were a series of crimes that operated across jurisdictions so KARE was created to investigate and gather intelligence across various jurisdictions Homicide Unit Major Crime Unit • There are 6 RCMP major crimes teams within the province of Alberta Major Crimes Mandate: • Homicides, attempted murder, suspicious deaths and conspiracy to commit murder • Deaths resulting from police action, or occurred while in police custody, and member involved deaths/shootings (support ASIRT – Alberta serious incident response team); • Missing persons Project AKre Background • Fall of 2002, police noticed • The high risks missing person project (HMRMPP) team incorporated several police Project Kare: Mandate Mandate: (goals and objectives) • Formulate and implement strategies to minimize the lethal risk facing vulnerable missing person • Create and pursue investigational strategies to investigate all leads, apprehend and prosecute the offenders responsible for these crimes • Establish an integrated task force that enables the province of Alberta to have the permanent capacity to investigate vulnerable missing person, unsolved historic homicides and offenders responsible • Create a template of best practice for utilization in other similar projects nationally Project KARE  KARE Homicide and missing persons investigations, that involve victims who were in vulnerable situations, are extremely unique and challenging. • Proactive initiatives • Vitim services • Missing persons initiative • KARE initiatives Pro Active Intiative Secondary mandate of the KARE unit is to help reduce the risk of additional potential victims. The ProActive team is responsible for the KARE high risk/vulnerable person registration program. The program consists of (3) main components: • Collect of personal info • Harm reduction Interacting with person in high risk/vulnerable situations Providing referrals to local agencies that can accommodate any needs they may have • Criminal intelligence: info that may assist in any ongoing investigations (share with other policing agencies/partners) Victim Services The proactive unit works closely with a dedicated Victim Services employee who is funded solely by the Alberta Solicitor general • Provide support, info, and crisis info services to vulnerable person and the families of homicide and missing persons • Provide support info and crisis intervention to individuals involved in the sex trade • Direct resources to assist victims of crime and tragedy •
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