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March 14 Combat sports.doc

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Bryan Hogeveen

March 14 – Edmonton Combative Sports Commission Consensual violence – as long as both agree to the fight • Combative sports are all about consensual violence Sports Team Governance Model International (sports federation) – (international ice hockey federation) Niational (sports organization) – (hockey Canada) Provincial (sports organization) – (WHL, OHL, QMJHL) Municipal (Clubs) – (city minor hockey) Reviewing An Individual Sports Model International Sports Federations (international judo federation) National Sports Organizations (judo Canada) Provincial Sports Organizations: (Judo Alberta) Municipal Level: (clubs) MMA In Canada International Sports Federation (non-existent) National Sports Organization (non-existent) Provincial Sports Organization (non-existent) Municipal Level (Edmonton Combative Sports Commission – ECSC) Promoters of events • UFC (USA) • The Score fighting series • Bellator Edmonton • MFC • Aggression MMA • Unified MMA • King of the cage (KOTC) Combative Sports Governance • Canadian confederation 1867 included the criminal code • Criminal code allowed prize fighting/ the sport of boxing (separated it from common assault) in 1880 • Boxing for prize money was allowed if a duly constituted commission was created to oversee the events Combative Sports Governance • So boxing commissions began at turn of the century • Professional wrestling (entertainment vs. Sport) was overseen by the same combative sports commissions handling boxing • Edmonton established a commission to oversee boxing and wrestling since 1920 • Edmonton’s combative sport commission is a commission of council (administered by the city) • Council added the sports of martial arts (MMA), kickboxing and full contact karate in 2000 Combative Sports Commissions in Canada (2 types presently) • There are provincial combative sports commissions (ex. Ontario, BC, Quebec, Manitoba, NS, NFLD/L; PEI) • There are municipal combative sports commissions (ex. Edmonton, Calgary, red deer, Moncton (NB)) • There are tribal combative sports commissions (ex. River cree, kanawake etc.) Logical Question in why 2 – provincial and municipal? • Today MMA is actually “illegal” in Canada. By simple definition kicking someone in the head currently falls under “assault” in the criminal code • The criminal code is federal – its passed to the provinces/territories to enforce if they choose to do so • Saskatchewan refuses to allow MMA following the strict definition that the sport is still illegal in the eyes of the law.. so what is the solution? Update the criminal code! Promotional Side of MMA • MMA started with the Gracie family in brazil • Royce Gracie fought in the US (1 UFC champion – beat bigger guys with basically no rules) • UFC – largest MMA promotion company on the planet. Based in the USA, they have 8 weight divisions and use the unified rules of MMA • 1 UFC was in denver, Colorado in 1993 featuring fighters specializing in: boxing, BJJ, taekwondo, wrestling, muay thai, and karate etc MMA • MMA is a full contact “combat” sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques, from a mixture of martial arts traditions and non-traditions, to be used in competitions • Striking and grappling techniques, both while standing and on the ground • This can be traced to mixed style contests throughout Europe, japan, and the pacific rim during the early 1900s • Vale tudo tourneys in brazil inspired the creation of the UFA. ZUFFA, LLC is the parent company (frank and Lorenzo fertitta bros own it) with the most popular sport promoter in the world running it – Dana White ECSC members • Hogeveen is a member and teaches BJJ • Pat Reid is the executive director (non voting) If there was a ring death: key investigative factors 4 key considerations that would first be addressed: • Physician involvement: what level of medical pre-screening was done? Was there a qualified physician at ring side? • Ref: was the referee qualified (type of certification?) • Matchmaking: were the combatants well matched? 50-50, 70-30 but not 90- 10; striker vs. Grappler, experience and record • Equipment/facility: was the facility a
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