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Bryan Hogeveen

March 21 – YouCan • Youcan youth services has been around for 10 years • Started around in Ottawa around the basis of conflict resolution and youth teaching other youth about conflict resolution • They work with at-risk youth • At-risk youth: someone involved in drugs, sexual assault, homelessness, physical abuse. These youth have been left behind to fend for themselves • These youth need to know that it wasn’t their fault that they have had a rough life • 50/50 attitude – we want to bend over back to help them, but the youth have to be able to want to help themselves and take responsibility (own their own life) • We are trying to create taxpayers • Its $150,000 per year to incarcerate a youth • Every year, youcan works with 300 at risk youth • 77% of them are employed or are in school after getting in contact with youcan • It is about long term transformational relationships. Most of the youth that youcan works with have a lot of workers and people in their lives. Youcan wants to be with these people for the long haul. We are gonna watch this youth transform from living in harms way to living in a healthy lifestyle • Youcan looks at youth work through stages of change. It was created in the late 70’s and it was created for smoking. Then it went into more addiction things and now it revolves around behavioural issues. • Youth are monitored to see which stage of change they are in Stage 1 is precontemplation • Ex. Hooker is addicted to meth, homeless, dad is dead, moms incarcerated, has a half sister and bro and are complete messes. She is living in harms way and youth workers know about her. Hooker meets youth workers in stage 1. • In this stage, we say the person needs to change their life. However, the hooker sees this life as normal and isn’t contemplating changing her life. She is living her harmful normal life. • Youcan are Youth workers that are relentless youth workers • They try to slowly build a relationship with the hooker • However, after a while, hooker learns that maybe there is a different lifestyle where I don't have to live in harm • This leads to stage 2 contemplation Stage 2 – contemplation • In this stage, youth at risk think about what life would be like if I changed • The idea of change may be d
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