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Bryan Hogeveen

March 26 – Interrogating the Violent Body Goals Problematize violence: • Rather than immediately look at causes, consequences and solutions, we need to take a step back and think about assumptions endemic to ‘violence’ • What does this say about us as a society • Demystify the concept • Its only through these means that we can better address the problem • Nobody wants to be known as violent. There is a lot of negative connotations associated with that term • To be associated with violence is to be marginalized • In order for us to understand that connotation, we need to understand what violence might entail • First, we need to think about the concept of violence and what it means • We spend a lot of time thinking why people are violent and what is the psychology of why people are violent • Before we do this, we need to understand what violence is Before we get to this discussion • Harm reduction – accepting that a certain harmful problem will always exist and that we should engage in harm reduction (ex. Use of condoms in pre marital sex, use of seatbelts) we want to help minimize the potential harms that could be caused to you harm reduction is also used in drug reduction programs. We know that kicking an addiction is hard, so we give them information to reduce the harm. We want to make them as safe as they possibly can while also helping them kick that addiction. • The govt used to see harm reduction as being a promoter of bad things instead of trying reduce harm and kick the addiction • Never give up • we have a programme for that! Is This Violence • Before getting to a discussion of the violent body, we must understand what we are talking about • Evil easter bunny video is violent because there is physical harm being done to others. Intentional harm What Does This Say About Us? Violence is something we abhor ? right? We put in violence into products because its necessary for entertainment value • Why do we not only tolerate it, but embrace it, enjoy it, and welcome it into our lives? What does our fascination with violence say about us as Canadians? It says that we love some violence and welcome it into our lives and homes. Politicians say we want to eradicate violence. However, on the other hand we celebrate those who are the most violent. • MMA ppv • Hockey fights • Violent movies What is Violence? Brainstorming.. Something is violent is/when.. • Its aggressive • Harmful • Can be verbal • Harmful to yourself and others • There will be a victim • Violence will be unwanted • Use of force • Destructive • Disregard for the other • When we talk about a continuum of violence we have to say how narrow or wide our continuum will be • We should aim for a more narrow definition of violence because if we say our definition for violence is too wide, then if everything is violent, nothing isn’t violence. • The term violence extended
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