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Bryan Hogeveen

April 4 – Gang Aftermath • Most males in gangs due to not having a father figure  What is the gang lifestyle? No personal space or personal stuff. We have this misconception that gang members live in nice houses. This is untrue. You are always on edge and thinking about violence. There are also wanna be’s. there’s also an idea of excessive amounts of money and people backing you up. This is untrue  Why do youth join gangs? They join gangs because they had no real role models. They needed a place to find an identity. The gang gave people a sense of who they are. You need to find a place that helps you form that identity. The presence of extreme racism in society helped the gang give them a sense of security. They compared being in a gang to being in a family. The gang supplied excitement, power, and control over people. When you have no sense of being, you love having a sense of creating fear in others. Respect is another reason why people joined gangs.  What role did Rob Papin play in Derek Powder's life? Your life is always haunted about who you were and where you came from. Sometimes, former gang members never really stop seeing their identity as anything different than gang members. Instead of being seen as tony the plumber, you are seen as tony the ex-gangster. When leaving gangs, you never really leave. You are often in the gang because of family members. You may have dads or bros in gangs. These people were in gangs so you see it as a normal part of life. There is a lot of going back and forth.  Why are most gang members male? Theres a lack of father figures  What is the role of identity?  What is the the role/place of women in or around gangs? A mattress or a resource and something to be used. The girls carry the anger and weight of their gangster BFs. Gangs create power for the powerless and hope for the hopeless  The mother of gang members likens being in a gang to wh
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