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Bryan Hogeveen

March 28 – Violence • Final is around 60-70 questions • In this room 2pm-4pm • April 19th • 2 hours Eradicating Violence • EPS has a 5x5x5 strategy. Instead of dealing with why people are violent, it simply puts a bandaid on the problem. There are reasons why certain people are involved in violence. • When we look at aboriginals living at centers, their lives are saturated with violence. • Theres no crime gene • If we can say there isn’t a genetic precursor violence, we have to think that the reason why aboriginals are overrepresented is because of social and economic conditions • One of the best predictors of crime is being male • Males are highly overrepresented in the CJS • Males are overrepresented in the CJS because theres a social stigma for males to be aggressive and physical • Theres lots of terms to keep males in line and aggressive • The idea of being a man is intertwined and intrinsically based with being aggressive • one of the worst things a guy can be called a sissy, and being called out by your clique. These questions call out your masculinity and you could be called feminine. • We socialize our men to be violent • Instead of giving men an alternative ways to dealing with these situations, we just say don't do it. • Guys use violence because it works. When we want something, violence works • Peoples whos lives are saturated with violence only know violence and only know how to respond to everything with violence • We need to provide another masculine script to curb violence among males • Violence in relationships is all about keeping people in places you want them to be Tough Guise : The Violent (Male) Body • What the climactic scene of the Wizard of Oz reveal about masculinity? This shows masculinity is a mask. Something that we put on and wear. It helps us to make our way through the world. The guise masks the vulnerability of males and doesn’t show any weakness. • Wearing low riders is a way some people see to fit in and make sense of themselves as men. • What is the tough guise? What is the advantage of taking this on? • What qualities are defined as manly? Toughness, stud, strong, independent, respected • “unmanly”? scrawny, girly, mamas boy • Its important to examine masculinity because a lot of crime comes from men
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