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Sociology 224 Deviance and Conformity September 13 2011 There is no concrete measure of deviance although it can be described byObjective Measures a statistical rarity geniuses b harm mental sexual etc c societal reaction ex Polygamy d normative violation dress codes in institutions Subjective MeasuresSocieties decide what is deviant and what is normative They assign labels based on who is in positions of power If there is no negative reaction then there is no deviance When a reaction occurs it is due to a breach in the moral code Individual behaviour is socially influenced if not determinedThis is a controversial topic which challenges notions of free will Sociologists examine the forces of economics sexism medical care infrastructure world and local events to come to this conclusion Sex age and mental and physical health are all barriers and forces that prevent and propel individuals Nature vs Nurture The human actors are neither totally free nor totally deterrentThe sexual sterilization act was on the books until 1972 70000 people in the US have been sterilized Sweden has sterilized 60000September 20 2011 Medical ModelEmile Durkheim For social issues you have to look at social causes Psychology is oriented mostly toward the individual psychiatry is oriented toward the individuals brain Being sane in insane places the experiment involved text subjects getting together and made up low level symptoms in order to be committed to psychiatric institutions they acted normally after being admitted but found it incredibly difficult to be discharged and they were diagnosed with several different mental disorders The relationship between Big Pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatric profession is much too close The identification of mental illnesses shifts over time Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV Ed RevisedNarcissism as a personality trait was almost dropped Antisocial Personality Disorder deceitful aggressive repeated fights failure to plan ahead consistent irresponsibility lacks empathy lacks remorse Malignant Narcissists respond with aggression and anger when accused whereas some respond with tears and other guiltinducing tricks Bipolar Mood Disorder manic depressives inflated ideas they stop sleeping excitable accelerated movements lethargy alcoholism disjointed connection with reality bland emotions cryingsuicide lethargy September 22 2011 Schizophrenia Axis 1 delusions hallucinations disorganized speech grossly disorganized or catatonic Personality Disorder Axis 2 An enduring pattern of inner experiences and behaviour that deviates markedly from the expectations of the individuals culture is pervasive and inflexible has an onset in adolescence or early adulthood is stable over time leads to distress includesAntisocial Personality DisorderNarcissistic Personality DisorderObsessiveCompulsive Personality DisorderDelusional Disordersnonbizarre delusions ie beliefs that could be true for at least a monthnot schizophrenic if combined with mood episodes those episodes are brief in comparison to the delusional episodes the delusion is not the physiological result of a medicine or substance Satanism Satan can be identified not only in Christian texts but in religions around the worldMaraBuddhismRakshasHinduism Social Contexts that Give Rise to Satanic Charges 1 Seditionsimilar to treason often in times of war 2 Diseaseunderstanding of disease isa relatively new phenomenon 3 Disasterhurricane Katrina 4 Unexpected death 5 Minority groups enter local communities In typical witchcraft accusations there is a single woman probably a widow probably poor The women would ask others for help which was typically refused even though there should have been a sense of community charity and the women might mumble or get upset If a tragedy occurs in the next while the incident will be blamed on the poor woman1 The overwhelming amount of people accused of witchcraft were women 2 The amount of physical violence used in the proceedings amounted to torture 3 The violence contained an especially sadistic sexual element In Scotland the people who were empowered by law to investigate witchcraft charges were called witchprickers and were always male They were permitted to search womens bodies including genitals for unusual marksAnything unusual would be pricked to see whether it bled or if the woman appeared not to feel pain then she was guilty These marks were called devil marks and were the parts of the body that Satan used to suck power from women Women by nature through their bodies were susceptible to seduction by the devil and they must be controlled If necessary they must also be
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