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Dr. Mookerjea - Cultural Studies 12

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Sourayan Mookerjea

SOCIOLOGY 345 STUDIO GUIDELINES Wilden points out that in many spheres of natural and social life there is competition but it is made possible by a code / set of rules that require cooperation first and foremost. Cooperation comes before competition. prolonged competition relies on cooperation. the code/langue of cooperation allows for the sign/parole of competition. rules allow games to continue and makes them enjoyable and fruitful. wilden also points out that in the world of capitalism people cooperate at work all the time but that is constrained and founded on a langue of competition (either for capital or jobs). this reversal is a problem. in a capitalist social reality, that relation between competition and cooperation is inverted than it is in games. Global News is neither for or against the pipeline but simply "for" sensationalism. We portray the story not in its truth but in its extremes in order to generate readership and sell advertising. We have an interest in some degree of truth such that our viewers continue to watch, but we do not want to present the center or the unspectacular. It is in Global News' interest to generate sensational manifestations of the most polarized spheres of the argument, and to exascerbate the problem to generate more spectacular news. It is the space bias of mainstream news. It is in our interest that conflict remain as long as possible and only ever escalate. Ultimately we are interested in profit. We will tell truths insofar as that is profitable and boosts ratings and advertising prices. We are also interested in being bribed if the bribe is large enough in relation to how problematic the request is. This is how mainstream media remains unbiased on any one issue and biased on all issues—they're biased toward profit. Possible Moves: ⿞NEB REPRESENTATION (strategy) ⿞CHALLENGE (strategy) ⿞RESPONSE (strategy) ⿞ACCUSATION (strategy) ⿞DEFENSE (strategy) ⿞CENSORSHIP (tactic) ⿞BUYING OUT PARTICIPANTS (tactic) ⿞BUYINGAIRTIME (tactic) ⿞BUYING GLITTER (tactic) Value Hierarchy: ⿞TIME BIAS / SOLIDARITY RATING ⿞MONEY / POWER why this game at all? they do these in business (public relations) school. why the value hierarchy? at the end of the day we cannot underestimate the status power of experts (scientists, economists, business people). there is a form of expertise that is considered right. but what is sociologically naive about this is that whatever people's views are, those people are part of the social problem of the resource development. you cannot simply wish them away. you have to figure out how they are a part of the social situation, and thus any one kind of expertise cannot just make them go away. the other sociologically naive thing about these role playing games they do in business school (that we are imitating here) is that they assume that whoever has the best argument wins at the end of the day because we are all rational beings and we can all agree when an argument is sound. this is not how society works though. ultimately the best argument does not necessarily the win, it is rarely the case. it is most often the case that the most money the most power the most passion wins! we are trying to build this into our game. that is why it is important to have the value hierarchy which represents the outside abilities to sway the outcome. money and power go to those with money and power and the time bias and solidarity go to the grass roots dissent. Scoring ⿞REPRESENTATION 1.argument & ⿞COOPERATION (among allies) THE IDEAS UNDERLAYING THE GAME REPRESENTATION NEB REPRESENTATION: Science & Rhetoric Rhetoric: • persuasion • framing • spin • hype • affect diction • image composition • music • literacy • orality • narrative genre • paradigms of credibility It is insofar as representations are at the center of all things social they are the unit that mediates social events. We are studying how representations mediate things happening in the world. One can think about representation in a range of different key bodies of thought and disciplines. The concept of representation is thus polysemous. Politics in a democratic society is crucially understood in reference to political representation since the electorate must be convinced of decisions. So in this game we pretend to politically represent different interests and so on with respect to political representation. So one can study how it is people frame and talk about things in relation to their interests. Persuasion using aesthetics and psychological backing ie a little girl's broadcast opinion on
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