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Lecture 14

STAT141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Wi-Fi, Publicaffairs, Mit Press

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James Muriithi

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Date: 3/28/16
Social Impact of Technology
Introduction of computers and internet have highly affected my life. I have felt both the
positive and negative impacts of computers. For the first time, had my aunt complaining about
how her children had been affected by computers. I wondered how that could happen as I knew
well that computers were introduced to help human beings work efficiently. After the office she
worked in closed, she changed everything and started working from home. Her kids realized that
the computer was the best form of entertainment. Playing games, streaming videos and online
interacting with friends became the trend. Every kid at home wanted a personal computer.
It was not long when the same happened to our home. Everyone at home as a laptop. I
requested my parents to by me a laptop for my education but the computer later changed to a
way of entertainment. This has affected my education as well as the morals of the people using
the devices around me (Briscoe, 2013). Whenever I start my studies, I try to keep the laptop
away from me since it is a form of distraction. One evening, I was studying for an exam the
following day. I was connected to Instagram and a classmate sent a link via the internet of a
movie that was lately released. There is Wi-Fi network in the room. I straight away went for the
laptop and streamed the film. I became so excited only to forget that I was studying for a grade II
paper. The scores I got from the paper were not appealing. The reason I did not perform well was
lack of enough study time. I have realized that I spend more of my time on the computer than on
my studies.
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