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Lecture 93

STAT141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 93: Physical Therapy

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James Muriithi

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Ankle sprain
The problems associated with the injury are found on the ligament of the ankle. One the
X-ray was negative; it was the player is not suffering from a broken ankle. The player is
experiencing a stretched ligament. The ligaments are used to join bones and keep them in
position preventing them from moving out of their respective place. Short-term goals associated
with the problem are helping the player heal and reduce the pain in the ankle. The goal also
ensures that the player can bear weight on the ankle. Long term goals are helping the player heal
and resume the normal playing. The long term goal is expected to take longer than the short term
goal as the complete healing of the ankle will require physical therapy before the player gains
full match fitness.
Question from the study
What type of treatment will you provide for the patient today?
When the player arrives for treatment in the first day, the player will require a RICE treatment
strategy. Since the injury is three days old, the player will be requested to rest and stop any
movement that will result in pain. The movement will be done on clutches that will balance the
weight and ensure that the ankle is free from any weight. Ice packs will be used on the ankle to
reduce any pain, swelling and ensuring that the muscles are intact. Icing should be done for three
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