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Lecture 14

STAT141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Electroacupuncture, Design Of Experiments, Dependent And Independent Variables

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James Muriithi

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Yeung Analysis worksheet completion
The research question
The research question was: Is Electro-acupuncture a better
option to treat the pain of the patients with chronic low back
pain than standard exercise?
Independent and dependent
variables used in the study
The independent variables were the Electro-acupuncture
treatment and the exercise.
The dependent variable in this study was the pain and disability
The sample size
The sample size used in the study was 52 patients where 26
were randomly allocated to exercise group and other 26 for the
exercise plus group.
Experimental design
The experimental design used was Blinded prospective
randomized control study
Reliability of the measuring
instruments used in the study
The measurement instruments that were used to measure the
pain and the disability were Numerical rating scale and
Aberdeen LBP which were reliable and valid.
Data types
Ordinal data was used when measuring the level of pain on the
patients and level of disability (Martin, 2010).
Statistics used in the
Depending on whether the variables used were continuous or
categorical, the X2 and t-statistical tests were used. Mean and
standard deviations were used as index for localization and
dispersion respectively.
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