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Lecture 17

STAT141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Gary Numan

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James Muriithi

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Ten questions to as a religious leader
The following question will help in acquiring information about a religious leader. There are
many challenges in leadership and the leaders may find it necessary to hide some information
due to pressure and external influence (, 2016). Such information will be
acquired by a well-organized interview with the leader.
1. So, kindly tell me about yourself.
2. What do you know about the religion you are in. when was it started and what are the
major changes that have happened?
3. Supposed you are asked to leave the religion you are in, would you have a reason to
leave? If yes, why and if not why?
4. Political influence sometimes finds its way to religion. How did you get the position you
are in now? Are there promotions of getting a higher position?
5. For how long have you been leading the ministry? Tell me about the main challenges you
have gone through.
6. What contributions have you made ion your leadership?
7. What helped you achieve the goals you have achieved so far?
8. How many times if you can recall, you have been involved in internal conflicts? How do
you help in solving such conflicts?
9. Being a religious leader is associated with major challenges. To respond to them, you
have to overreact and sometimes end up regretting you actions. How do you go about
10. How do you help in team building and keeping the members of the faith together?
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