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STAT 151 (09/18/13) Chapter 6 & 7

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Paul Cartledge

STAT 151 (September 18, 2013) Chapter 6 and 7 Review of the Empirical Rule 1. 68% of the observations lie within one standard deviation from the mean (on either sides) 2. 95% of the observations lie within two standard deviations from the mean (on either sides) 3. 99.7% of the observations lie within three standard deviations from the mean (on either side) *** Fun Fact: If you go 5 standard deviations from the mean on either side, then the amount of observations included are 99.99994% (far less chance of error) ***  The z-score tells us how many standard deviations an observation is from the mean… it is NOT a probability (despite its appearance) Chapter 7: Scatterplots, Association, and Correlation  Now, it is all about bivariates Bivariate data – data where two numerical variables are related Possible terminology: In this case, ‘y’ is ALWAYS predicting ‘x’.  When using bivariate data, which one is which DOES matter because one variable is predicted based on the other! Association – something that exists between two variables if they are related such that a variable value is more LIKELY to occur with certain value(s) of the other. (this is DIFFERENT from correlation!!)  A scatterplot is used to graph the two corresponding numerical values (one will be along the x-axis and the other wi
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