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Lec 29 BIOL207 2014-03-24 A. Quantitative Traits and QTL mapping a. QTL = quantitative trait locus b. extends what we already know about Mendelian inheritance to involve many loci simultaneously c. complex traits usually show continuous variation, e.g. height, mass, IQ, life span d. continuous variation can be explained as interactions between lots of loci (the individual loci behave as Mendelian genes) e. note that environment can also have a large effect on continuous variation f. we can study the genetics of many genes at once through QTL mapping (relies on molecular markers) B. QTL mapping procedure a. need parents that contrast in a phenotype of interest (e.g. big fruit x small fruit); these should be pure-breeding, from which we can infer that each parent is homozygous for alleles at different loci that affect the trait) b. cross parents, self F1, then determine for each F2individual: i. phenotype (e.g. weigh fruit) ii. genotype at hundreds of molecular markers that are polymorphic between the parents c. find out which molecular marker alleles of the “big” parent are most often present in bigger offspring in the F2, and which molecular marker alleles of the “small” parent are most often present in the smaller offspring in the F 2 i. goal is to find molecular markers t
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