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Team management Objectives: • Define the purpose of a team • Explain the role of the manager in building the team and developing individuals • Outline the composition of successful teams: Berlin – Peters and Waterman • Explain the development of a team: Tuckman • List team building tools • Examine ways of rewarding a team • Identify methods of evaluating team performance Define the purpose of a team • A team is any group of people who must significantly relate with each other in order to accomplish shared objectives • A team is a formal group, the purpose of a team is to solve complex problems because a team is more than the sum of its individual team members • The key difference between groups and teams is their behavior. • In a team, we find: o More openness and trust o Feelings are expressed freely o There are common objectives o Process issues are part of work o Conflict is worked out; and o Commitment is very high Explain the role of the manager in building the team and developing individuals • This process can be: o Inward looking: team members evaluating themselves o Outward looking – team leader sets out to focus the team’s efforts on real and existing problems • Team building is needed where any of the following are negatively affected: o Efficiency o Effectiveness o Performance • The role of the manager in developing a team is to satisfy (Adair’s action- centered leadership model): o Task needs: the purpose and completion of the task must be fulfilled by Setting objectives Planning tasks  Allocation of responsibilities Setting performance standards o Group needs: the manager must maintain spirit and morale by: Communication Team building  Motivation Discipline o Individual needs: managers must try to motivate and satisfy each individual’s needs by: Coaching Counseling Development  Motivation • According to Woodcock you must first identify the blockages to team-building and then decide on the building blocks to be used by: o Identifying blockages to an effective team o Identifying the building blocks o Putting ideas into action • Teambuilding is the process of removing obstacles that prevent the team from working effectively and planning how to improve overall team performance Outline the composition of successful teams: a) Beblin b) Peters and Waterman a) According to Beblin: • The composition of successful teams depends upon the balance of individual skills and personality types within the team • There are eight different personality types and the absence of one of these functions can mean a reduction in effectiveness of the team • The eight types are: o Leader – coordinating the
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