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ACCT 301 Lecture Notes - Peter Drucker, Decision-Making

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ACCT 301

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the role of the manager
what is management?
Peter Drucker ‘management is tasks. Management is a discipline. But management
is also people’.
McFarland defines management as ‘the process by which responsible persons in an
organization combine resources in achieving given ends’.
Therefore, management is needed to reach objectives, maintain a balance between
conflicting goals and to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.
Following from the above, an effective manager could be defined as ‘one who
achieves the results required by the organization in an efficient manner to motivate
In conclusion, management may be looked at from the point of view of:
Function: what is responsible for directing & running of an org
Process: the management of various activities and resources
Discipline: management as a science and art
Profession occupational status providing a definite services after
advanced training and education.
Furthermore, managerial work may be classified by activity or level of operation.
a functional manager will generally specialize in one major area of organizational
activities such as finance, and a general manager is responsible for all the functional
activities within an enterprise, division, etc.
Level of operation
this refers to top managers, senior managers, middle managers, and supervisory
The role of the manager in the organization of work
Fayol: to forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to control and to co-ordinate
Breech: Planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, controlling, leading,
motivating, creating, communicating and staffing.
Mint berg: Interpersonal roles: figurehead, leader, liaison
Information roles: monitor, disseminator, spokesperson
Decision making roles: entrepreneur, disturbance handler,
resource allocate and negotiator
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