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Lecture 2

Primate Behaviour Week 2

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University of Calgary
ANTH 311

16 Day of 09/18/13 Conspecific Members of the same species. Taxonomy Way to classify (building trees) Mammalian orders Rodentia, cetecea, etc. Primate Distribution Tropics Exception: the japanese macaques. Primate Pattern Not just one trait. 4 groups of traits Hands and foot; Visual System; Big Brains; Skeleton. Hands & Foot No opposable hallux for bipedalism Nails - with the exception of callitrichids. Vision Forward facing eyes. Reduction of snout. Reduction or augmentation of relevant areas of the brain. Allometry One trait is disproportionate compared to other traits. Versus isometric. Attricial Relatively undeveloped at birth. Versus precocial. Nursing Long period of dependance because we are born with a small portion of our brain Nursing Long period of dependance because we are born with a small portion of our brain developed. More than one caretaker. Birth canal is really narrow. Skeletal/Dental Unspecialized dentition and skeleton. - humans, OWM (apes and humans). - NWM - Callitrichids Trunkal Uprightness Sitting on tailbone Feeding and resting. Arboreal Theory 1960s Lots of problems with it. Very simple. Prosimians Now they are less successful than the anthropoids. Africa and Asia Known as the "OWM". Strepsirrhines Not the
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