ANTH 331 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Plastic Surgery, Stoicism, Gender Role

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14 Dec 2016

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Masculinity & Femininity
Prescriptive behavioral traits what is appropriate
Proscriptions what isn’t appropriate
Different cultures have different forms of masculinity/femininity
Gender Polarization a hallmark of our gender system in North America
Gender Conformity
Self-Determined feels right
Pressured Motivation gender identity does not align with gender stereotype
Gender Violations
Can result in penalties like devaluation, punishment, discrimination
Theory of Hegemonic Masculinity (RW Connell)
Multiple forms of masculinity exist, but one form is culturally idealized
o Becomes image in which all men are judged against
Hegemonic have authority or influence
Dominant form of masculinity is dominant to marginalized masculinities and
Hegemonic male strong, successful, capable & authoritative man, derives his
reputation from the public sphere
Active Construction
Two Main Prescriptions of Masculinity
Tough Guy Masculinity projection of physical toughness and emotional stoicism
o Emotional Stoicism unaffected by emotions
o Physical Toughness main component, what it looks like can change form
Embodied Masculinity
Adonis Complex – a culture of muscularity
Body-as-Self Paradigm
You look good, you feel good… self worth is tied to appearance
Consequences: 1) body always on display 2) encouraged to buy things to transform
our bodies
Agency Communal Dichotomy (in North America)
Men are expected to be Agentic
Women are expected to be Communal
These are the dominant stereotypes
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