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Lecture 9

ANTH 331 Lecture 9: Movie Notes - Being Me

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ANTH 331
Tania Saj

Movie Notes: Being Me We will meet 3 Australians and learn about their stories in the movie: 1. Isabelle: a young girl (11 years old). Isabelle was born into a male body, but as a toddler has always identified as a girl 2. Paige Elliott Phoenix: Paige was born into a female body, but identifies as a femaletomale transsexual ; a transman 3. Jamie: Jamie is an adolescent girl; she was born into a male body, but from an early age has always identified as a girl. As discussed in the film, until recently children in Australia who required pubertyhormone blocking drugs, needed court approval to access thedrugs. Jamies family fought this requirement in court. **Note you do not need to know about Gillick Competency; a term that comes up in Jamies story about dealing with the Australian court system. A note about terms: the movie uses the terms transsexual and transgender interchangeably. As per Jesse Inviks guest lecture and our lecture today, we have defined them separately. The separate definitions will stand. Which meansin any test question from the movie, I will not use the term transsexual or transgender.In test questions from outside of the movie (e.g. class Jesse Inviks lecture), I will use the terms as defined discussed in Jesse Inviks lecture and our class lecture.
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