ANTH 331 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: General Idea, Tufted Capuchin, Absolute Pitch

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26 Mar 2015

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Movie: “What Males Will Do”
1) What Display/ Ornament/ Strategy goes with the following animals:
Display/ Ornament /Strategy
Superb Lyre Bird
Makes platform out of dirt then performs on it. Nice feathers, but uses voice to attract
mate. Voice is not unique, copied from other species/sounds.
Brown Capuchin
Play “drums” relentlessly to win mate. Bashing shows that they are strong, clever, good
with hands and healthy. Females love great bashers.
Jumping Spiders
Good eyesight. Males have to perfectly coordinate “dance” and “singing” by moving legs
and cause vibrations. Females looking for complex displays.
Side-Blotched Lizard: Strategy
What is the “colour war” mating strategy?
According to each colour, each lizard will have its own unique strategy. Gets rid of the
competition through their colour.
Orange/ Yellow / Blue (don’t need to know specifics, just general idea)
Which strategy works the best?
No strategy is dominate. Each colour works.
2) What if cryptic female choice?
Cryptic Female Choice: Snake can choose which sperm she wants to use. Can also
eject unwanted sperm.
2a) Red-Sided Garter Snakes:
What happens in the second mating?
Previous snake created a “plug” the lasts only a few days. Females are warmer in
second mating and have a smaller “mating ball”.
Why do females mate with multiple males?
Females have no choice during the first mating too cold to move. Males create a ball
with the female in the middle during mating.
2b) Ducks:
Why is the male’s phallus such a complicated shape?
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