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Lecture 1

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ANTH 341
Hartmut Krentz

ANTH 341 Lecture 1 9152011 51800 PMSub disciplines of Anthropology o A Social or CulturalImages of Bronislaw Malinowski among Trobriand tribePractices of contemporary peoples and populations similaritiesdifferenceso B ArchaeologyAlso looks at human behavior but by looking at human remains of prehistoric and recent populationsTry to uncover past populations and reconstruct both the materials and behaviors that are associated with them hope to recreate the behavior of individuals in the past Look at similaritiesdifferences over time o C PhysicalBiologicalBiological perspective looking at underlying reasons for differences we see in current and past populationsHow humans have changeReconstruct human behaviors over time through fossil remains and materials left behindCulture o Humans are social animals organized into groups that regulate and perpetuate themselves and it is an individuals experience as a member of a group or society that shapes their view of the world o A way that humans organize and legitimize their society and it provides the basis for its political social and economic organization o Edward Tylor 1871that complex whole which includes knowledge belief art morals law custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by humans as members of society o Participate in ethnographic fieldwork participant observation spend long periods of time with individuals to do deep researchWhen you spend time with people they open up to youCultural Lens o Through its use of symbols ideas and meanings culture provides an inherited lens through which an individual perceives and understands the world that they inhabit and learns how to live within it
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