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University of Calgary
ANTH 435
Mary Pavelka

ANTH435 - Lectures Lecture #2! Week 2 - January 14, 2014! ! Course Logistics Course logistics Read articles by January 28 Scala Natura Human’s place in Aristotle;! nature The great chain of being Divine;! Least complex/perfect/soul to most complex/perfect/soul;! Static, no evolution;! Scala Natura, the Humans are the most perfect being on Earth;! classic view There is a hierarchy within a species;! Until 200-300 years ago, there was no change to the scala natura;! Now, the scala is more dynamic due to philosophy of change (ex. catastrophism, uniformitarism, etc.). Lamarckism 100 years before Darwin;! Attributed to Lamarck (Lamarckism);! Inheritance of Acquired characters - the organism/individual changes in response to the acquired environment. The classic example of the giraffe.! characters or “Inner need”;! Lamarckism The use and disuse of characters;! Fluids and forces cause changes, changes are directed by the environment. Muddy;! Supported by French revolutionaries and the Soviets (Lysenkoism);! Opposed to mendalian genetic;! Lamarckism in a The Soviets supported it because of the winter wheat (big controversy) political context and because of the cold war context (against the western countries);! Paul Kammerer - midwife toad case;! S. Saunders rumor of being a Lamarckist, but she is just wondering what makes Lamarckism appealing. ANTH435 - Lectures Taxonomist;! Jean-Baptiste Accepted that use and disuse of characters shaped an organism;! Lamarck
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