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BIOL 241 Lecture Notes - Microbial Ecology, Biogeochemical Cycle, Polyphosphate

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BIOL 241
Barbara Butler

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Microbial ecology (chpt 23 12th ed; chpt 19 11th ed)
study of interrelationships between microorganisms and their environments
ecosystem:a community of
organisms and their natural
microbial communities +
communities of
energy flow and materials
(Fig 23.2, 12th ed; 19.1, 11th ed)
MO influences environment and environment influences MO
E.G// Acid mine drainage
 assorted pop. using
same type of resources
When you have pop. + guilds interacting
it creates communities
When micro. communities interact, they can
interact with macro. communities
Energy flow > often sunlight
Glucose produced > used by Comm. 2
6th Jan 2010

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Energy and carbon
flow in microbial
(e.g., NH4+, S, H2S, Fe2+)
(Fig 5.23a)
(Fig 5.23b) (Fig 5.23c)
BIOL 140 Review (Ch.5)
Humans incld!
ATP is used produced and used to do work
Use of bio matter to do biosynthesis = heterotrophy
Majority of plants
Use chem. (inorganic) compounds for EN.
Litho = rock
a.k.a rock eaters

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objectives in microbial ecology:
(1)to explore & understand the biodiversity of microorganisms in
nature, and interactions in communities
(2) to measure of microbial activities in nature, and monitor effects of
microbes on ecosystems
activities commonly measured when studying microorganisms
within an ecosystem:
primary production of organic matter (phototrophic,
chemolithotrophic activity)
CO2+ H2O + energy → new biomass
decomposition of organic matter
(chemoorganotrophic/heterotrophic activity)
dead biomass CO2+ H2O + energy
biogeochemical cycling of elements
C, N, P, S, Fe
Presence and activities are different
MO can form endospores or even enter suspended animation
> present but no activities
can actually influence other elements that aren't used
E.G// Heavy metals
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