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Themes 1 and 2: Evolution, Natural Selection

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University of Calgary
BIOL 243
Heather Addy

Themes 12 The Hierarchy of Life Cell smallest unit with the capacity to live and reproduce Multicellular organism individual consisting of interdependent cells Population group of individuals of the same species that occupy the same area Community populations of all species that occupy the same area Ecosystem group of communities interacting with their shared environment Biosphere all regions of Earths crust waters and atmospheres that sustain lifeSelection Requires a selective force genetic variation within a population and the capacity of individuals with the selected trait to survive and reproduceEvolution Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection y Individual organisms in a population vary in many heritable traits y Any population has the potential to produce far more offspring than can survive Competition for limited resources y Some individuals in the population have traits that give them an advantage therefore they are more likely to survive and reproduce y These organisms pass on favorable traits to thei
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