BIOL 311 Lecture Notes - Lecture 36: Fetus, Geneticist, God Gene

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Published on 8 Dec 2017
Dec. 8. 2017
Ethica l Implic a tio n s
- Highly educated children having fewer children
- Less desirable traits more concentrated in population
- More desirable traits less concentrated in population
- Eugenics is the self direction of human evolution
- How traits passed in generations
- Can we direct evolution?
- Eugenics draws materials from many sources and organizes them into a harmonious entity
- “Some people are born to be a burden of the rest” people bringing in ‘bad’ genes into
population and passing it on, others have to deal with it
- Pound of cure dealing with individuals (putting them in jails)
- Ounce of prevention sterilization
- Eugenics board in Alberta
- Tried to identify people who shouldn't have children
- Did forced sterilization
- Board started because a lot of immigration was happening, and people thought
immigrant populations would out number originals
- Women most likely sterilized
- 2800 forced sterilizations
- Woman would know she's going into surgery, but didn’t know what it was for
- Ended in 1972, began in 1926
- Genetic testing
- Problem with 23&me: you have data, how do you determine (make sense of) it?
- Testing done on communities with high densities of African people, people didn’t know
how to make sense of these results
- People who tested positive for sickle cell lost their jobs, health insurance, health
premiums sky-rocketed (can’t afford)
- Should insurance companies be allowed heath info?
- Most people in US choosing not to get tested to prevent increasing prices of health
- Huntington’s disease
- Late onset
- Don’t find out unless tested
- Grandpa has, son (age 45) doesn’t want to know if he has, grandson wants to know
- Son tested positive, knows dad has it too
- Should dad have right to not know if he is positive?
- Should you be required to tell someone else if they have (ie. sister, unborn child)?
- Late onset, people who have parents that have, should the children be allowed not
to know? Should you be able to test your child? Child wont get disease until 40-50,
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find more resources at
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