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BIOL 311
Isabelle Barrette- Ng

What is Breast Cancer?  Disease where cells in the breast grow and divide uncontrollably creating a tumor.  Common forms include ductal (carry milk to nipple) or lobular (glands that produce milk) cancer.  Symptoms: lump, discharge, size or shape change, tenderness, dimpling, and scaliness. (Hard to identify)  BRCA1/BRCA2 genes most strongly associated with the development of breast cancer. Major contributors to increasing the risk acquiring the disease. How is Breast Cancer Inherited?  Both hereditary and noninherited (sporatic) cases  Inherited in multiple genes that are linked with breast cancer when mutations arise.  Can be due to mutations in BRCA2 gene in an autosomal dominant pattern.  Not all people who inherit the mutated BRCA2 gene will develop breast cancer, it only increases the risk of development. BRCA2 gene facts  Official name: Breast Cancer 2, Early Onset  Tumor suppressor gene that prevents rapid cell growth and division  Other functions to be determined – Possible contributor to regulation of cytokinesis during cell replication  Discovered by Richard Wooster (1994)  Acrocentric on the long arm of chromosome 13 at position 12.3 (13q12-q13)  27 exons, 26 introns  Exon 11 extremely large with 4932 nucleotides  11,386 base pairs – Contains many nucleotide repeats  Produces
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