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University of Calgary
Biomedical Engineering
BMEN 515
William Huddleston

The modern biota evolved during the Cenozoic era  By early Cenozoic ear (65 mya), the positions of the continents resembled those of today.  Cenozoic was characterized by extensive radiation of mammals.  Flowering plants diversified extensively and came to dominate world forests, except in cool regions.  Mutations of two genes in one group of plants allowed them to use atmospheric nitrogen directly by forming symbioses w/ a few species of nitrogen-fixing bacteria; dramatically increased the amount of nitrogen available for terrestrial plant growth.  THE TERTIARY (65-1.8 MYA) o Australia began its northward drift. o Early in this era, it was hot and humid; the ranges of many plants shifted latitudinally. o In the middle of this era, Earth’s climate became considerably drier and cooler. o Many lineages of flowering plants evolved herbaceous forms; grasslands spread over much of Earth. o Snakes and lizards underwent extensive radiations (birds and mammals too). o Three waves of mammals dispersed from Asia to North America across the land bridge. o Rodents, marsupials, primates, and hoofed mammals appeared in N. America for the first time.  THE QUATERNARY (1.8 MYA to PRESENT) o Is subdivided into two epochs, the Pleistocene and the Holocene. o The Pleistocene was a time of drastic cooling and climate fluctuations; 4 major and 20 minor “ice ages” cause the spreading of massive glaciers across the continentsranges of the animals and plants shifted toward the equator. o Relatively few species became extinct during these climate fluctuations. o Pleistocene was
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