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Tutorial 3 Force Method

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Civil Engineering
ENCI 451

ENCI 551 – Structural Engineering II Tutorial 3 Solution Step 1: Find i, the degree of indeterminacy of the structure, then make the structure determinate. We should find by inspection i = 1, if you are not convinced, verify by: In the problem, we are told to use the fixed support as our release. So, the released structure is: Step 2: Apply real external loads to the beam and acquire the “erroneous” displacement at where we released the structure D 1 We can use the method of superposition to find the release displacemen1 D : Uniform Distributed Load q: D 1UDL Equation B.3, Appendix B, (Ghali, Neville, and Brown, 2009) Point Load ql: D 1P Equation B.7 or B.8, Appendix B, (Ghali, Neville, and Brown, 2009) Adding them together: NOTE: Because we defined F as 1ositive in the clockwise direction, D is 1EGATIVE as it is in the counter-clockwise direction with respect to the horizontal. Step 3: Find the f
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