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Communication and Culture
CMCL 301
Ronald Peter Glasberg

Arthashastra October 15, 2013 FCA- The most profound reality is Brahman - a super consciousness Kautilya – author - He's a political realist – not an idealist - He’s very similar to Machiavelli Dharma – performance of duty Chakra - ________ Pleasures come from having a solid material base - You must focus on the material base – if you don’t have a house, food, water, etc, the Kama Sutra won’t help you much because you don’t have time to enjoy pleasures in life If you have land, you have everything. If you don’t have it, you have nothing. – BUT you have to control it to obtain freedom! - Freedom belongs to the warrior class because they control the land - If you don’t have control over the land, you don’t have pleasures in life (AKAFreedom) Assumption – any member of the ruler class has the duty to fight – so there will be wars - What are you fighting for according to theArthashastra? Land and the power to control that land. Kautilya doesn’t talk about politics – he believes in monarchies – Chakras are like kings - Not oligarchs, not diplomats, Monarchs - How do you be the best Monarch you can be? - “Raja” – king Freedom - Freedom means power – power over land and ability to out-maneuver your opponent - Athenians – freedom is associated with risk – HERE, freedom is associated with reducing risk **Opposite FCAfrom theAthenians** - minimize risk by understanding every conceivable possibility. - Preparation, intelligence, no mysterious forces, you create the conditions to maximize your freedom – maximize your ability to rule You even need power to do your duty to your caste. You must break rules to allow others to do their duty (Caste) – out-maneuvering the law Cato – it’s about independence. Arthashastra - it’s about putting independence of others to your own use. Do what you have to do to gain more power = gaining land = gaining freedom Compared to Mahabharata: M –Arjuna realizes you don’t really die, the ultimate goal is to escape – deeper level of reality is Brahma – it transcends rational categories (not unlike many other cultures – like European Christianity). If Brahman is a deeper reality you’re escaping to, then the world today is all an illusion/dream – it’s not real. Reality is a deeper level of awareness from which everything is derived. Arjuna’s whole fight isn’t real. A– Kautilya focusses on spies – in a world that’s not real, you need constant information because the world of illusion is constantly changing - We live in a similar world – we have created a virtual reality world – do we really know what’s real anymore? **Concept of waking up, getting dressed, going to school and then you wake up and it was all a dream and you’re now late for class** - Scientists – i.e. Climate change – is it real or is it a fabrication of the scientists and those in power with money to influence the studies – requires spies to ensure accuracy of what you’re seeing Viewing your perceived reality as the true reality can be problematic only if you make it problematic – Freedom can b
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