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University of Calgary
Communications Studies
COMS 381
Marcia Epstein

Education as Communication: Key Concepts MucLuhan: From Cliche to Archetype Referring to technology, pop culture, and 'high art' Process of retrieval = transformation from cliche into archetype - cliches can be embedded within an archetype, or can turn into an archetype - McLuhan says that our information retrieval system kicks in when we are introduced to new technology, we remember what we've seen before, apply it to what we're seeing now and that makes it into an archetype. Cognitive Effects of Powerpoint - story about the engineers who didn't catch on with the powerpoint and it resulted in a loss of life Control Revolution - transformation in history, why we introduced the internet, what mass economies did - we have a capitalist economy because mass production and distribution had to be controlled Internet - commercialized in 1995 --> changed everything - WIRED Magazine - "The Economy of Ideas" article - Copyrights - what do they mean? What impact does it have on you? The Rise of Advertising Issues: - advertising as improvation - advertising as propoganda - manipulation of culture through advertising Effects on social and economic developments Effects on culture - how does it change standards for things? - how does it change how we view ourselves or others O'Barr article (see outline for link) - history of advertisments and their progression - goes back to 16th century, things like - handbills - posted in pubs, local gathering places - newspaper ads - posters - slogans - now used a lot in politics - brands - things like soap - jingles - commercials - Internet advertising - role of ads in creating markets --> we are told what we have to worry about and what we don't (ie. teeth whitening, marketing made it into a fad) **fear motivation** - print --> broadcasting, they become more emotional and auditory, you can't just look away McLuhan Chapter 1 -- Culture as Business - influences of the 'illusion industry' - Hollywood and advertising, Western culture -- feeding the hunger for change - "Corruptio optimi pessima" (p.14): 'the worst is a corruption of the best'. Dumbing down of culture by propaganda - if a society admits a corruption of society, it will erode the values of the highest levels of that society, turn them into something far more cynical - market research = social engineering = totalitarianism - this is not sociology, it is market research --> alterior motives, not helping society - media literacy and ability to analyze ads are good skills to have, avoiding totalitarian capitalism - advertising promotes itself,
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