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University of Calgary
Communications Studies
COMS 381
Marcia Epstein

Technologies (Ancient, Medieval: writing materials) - energy sources and engines brought about so much change - you can't understand internet or texting or TV without the base of oral culture - right after WWI technology really took off Renaissance: printing press 17th century: newspapers (Western Europe, US) - usually only a folded sheet that contained very little information 18th century: newspapers (Canada, Northern Europe, parts of South America) - grew into multiple pages 19th century: newspapers (rest of South America, parts of Asia, Northern Africa) - Western concept, that's how they can track it --> European colonies are easier to track, you find them and you find the technology they took with them photography 1837 - gets a boost later on - discovery of certain chemicals meant that they could record the image portrayed through the box with the pinhole in it printed photos 1890's telegraph 1845, across Atlantic - started locally, eventually became for government use, then households - 1870's: ran across the Atlantic -
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