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Communications Studies
COMS 401
Angie Chiang

COMS 401 – Digital Identity – November 4, 2013 “Technologies of the Self: A Seminar with Michel Foucault” – Foucault, 1998 - Identity construction through established techniques/practices - We are who we are because of specific socio-historical circumstances - We can only use materials/technologies available to us - Technologies of the self = new media - Institute new practices for self-construction within existing power discourses Anthony Giddens, 1991 “Modernity and Self Identity” - Identity as dynamic, ever changing, evolving - Constant process of revision - Taking into account our environments (physical and broader socio-historical) ** Both Giddens and Foucault believe that our identities are shaped in part because of our environments - New media offer opportunity for reflection/revision - We confront global discourses forcing us to rethink who we are Gender Identity and New Media “Bodies that Matter” – Ju
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