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Communications Studies
COMS 401
Angie Chiang

COMS 401 – Spreadable Media Viral – - Starts online, spreads because people share it - Viral campaigns are not necessarily supported by traditional media. - Typically grassroots – not started by larger corporations - Purposeful according to Jenkins – something is shared for a reason (it made you laugh, sharing it with people who would find it interesting, it’s something to think about, etc.) - Word ‘viral’ has a negative connotation – associated with being sick – Jenkins wants to change it - The audience is no longer passive – if something is viral, it had to be passed along without an agency The participatory model of culture; one which sees the public not as simply consumers of reconstructed messages but as people who are shaping, sharing, reframing and remixing media content in ways in which might not have been previously imagined. – Jenkins, Ford & Green Spreadable Media - If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead. – For things to live online, people have to share it socially - Spreadable media is media which travels across media platforms at least in part because the people take it in their own hands and share it with their social networks - Circulation of media content through the conscious actions of dispersed networks creates greater visibility and awareness. Sticky vs. Spreadable - ‘stickiness’ – broadly refers to the need to create content that attracts audiences’ attention and engagement – what might motivate them to share what they have learned with others - The spreadability mentality focuses on creating media texts that various audiences may circulate for different purposes, inviting people to shape the context of the material as they share it within their social circles - Spreadability is more targeted – a group that this will resonate with – hone your product to your marketing target – considers the audience – the creator is n
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