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COMS 401 - Fandom II

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Communications Studies
COMS 401
Angie Chiang

COMS 401 – October 23, 2013 – Fandom Copyright - Napster – file sharing system for digitized MP3s and videos - Shut down multiple times - General unwillingness to not buy into the concept - File sharing has become so prevalent that you shut one down, others will pop up - Benefits to both sides of the market o Allows for more exposure and discovery of new music - iTunes is a similar paid version – different model of file sharing (paid) Mash-up – a blend of two different musical Danger Mouse presents: The Grey Album – Jay-Z’s dark album and the Beatles’ White Album - legal repercussions – cease and desist letters, but no one was charged - Grey Album sparked controversy – began to be distributed online in protest of government shutting down Danger Mouse - Jay-Z said he thought the album was a great idea and that he enjoyed it The Cult of the Amateur - Democratization of cultural production =
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