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University of Calgary
Communications Studies
COMS 401
Angie Chiang

COMS 401 – November 18, 2013 YouTube is an aggregator of content, not a content creator. – It’s a network of media that differs from cultural production – it’s the networking/joining of created content and distribution. - You can’t classify the audience of YouTube - Combination of amateur and professional content – signals the creation of the amateur celebrity “Remediation” Remediation – the incorporation or representation of one medium in another medium - i.e. TV clips that are then used on YouTube – think Tosh.O - i.e. The clips from 9/11 – you don’t want the commentary, you just want to feel like you’re there and able to directly experience it Immediacy – the notion that a medium could erase itself and leave the viewer in the presence of the objects represented, so that [one] could know the objects directly. - We want to come up with our own positions – no passively sitting by Hypermediacy – refers to the multiplication of media on a si
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