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Communications Studies
COMS 401
Angie Chiang

COMS 401 – Pop to Political November 13, 2013 Grassroots conversions – informal, often non-authorized flow of content – issue of diversification looked at today Focus on Occupy Movement - Grassroots intermediaries - Popular culture is the shared culture - More people can be engaged by the culture jamming - Popular culture spread across the audience of the Walking Dead – we are all mindless zombies - Monopoly guy begging for money – no longer the 1% - Occupy Gotham – Bruce Wayne holding a sign saying “Raise My Taxes” Pepper Spray Cop - Started at Grassroots, got more visibility by getting into the mainstream - Cop got turned into a meme – Spraying God, spraying the Beatles, etc. - Technology (camera phones, YouTube, photo editing) enabled the event to go viral Boston Marathon Bombings - We are no longer passive – active participation - Catching the culprits through the now-available technology is due to social media - Police showed the two subjects, they were posted on Facebook, Tweeted, shared, etc. in a matter of minutes - People scanned their photos on their phones - Brings forward the idea that even the lower quality media (old media) can still be very
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