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The Pumping Lemma

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University of Calgary
Computer Science
CPSC 313
Philipp Woelfel

January 27th, 2012 Proof of the Pumping Lemma Proof. Let L be regular and M = (Q;▯;▯;q ;F) be0a DFA for L. Let the states in Q be q ;0::;q n▯1 . Choose m := n + 1 = jQj + 1. Consider an arbitrary w 2 L, such that jwj ▯ m. Let the sequence of states that the DFA visits while processing w be q0;q iq ;i::;q i 1 2 k Among the ▯rst m + 1 > jQj states visited, there is some state that is repeated. There is a state q = q = q ;z ▯ m, so that M visits states. ir iz q0;q 1q ;2::;q ;r::;q ;z::;q ik Let x be the pre▯x of w that is processed until q is reached for the ▯rst time, and xy the pre▯x until q is reached for the second time. Then jyj ▯ 1 and jxyj ▯ m, and ▯ ▯ ▯ = q = ▯ (q;y) and ▯ ▯ ▯ = ▯ (q;z) 2 F. ! ▯ (q;y ) = q for any i ▯ 0. ▯ i
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