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Unit Productions

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Computer Science
CPSC 313
Philipp Woelfel

February 27, 2012 Unit Productions Unit production is a production A ! B where both sides are symbols. However, we don’t like unit productions. We should be able to produce a grammar that has no unit productions. Proof. Removing Unit Productions Let G = (V;S;▯;P) A unit pair is a pair (A;B) 2 V x V , such that there is a sequence of unit produc- tions A ! A !1A ! ::2 ! A ! B. ekcan ▯nd all unit pairs as follows: (1) Create a dependency graph with vertex set V and with an edge from A to B, if and only if P has a unit production A ! B. (2) Output all pairs (A;B) such that there is a walk from A to B (Use depth ▯rst search from A to ▯nd all verticies B that can be reached from A). We determine the new set of productions P as follows: 0 (1) Let P = ;. (2) Add all productions A ! ▯ in P, where ▯ 2 = V ,
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