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Lecture 1

CPSC 319 Lecture 1: 01 Definitions

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Computer Science
CPSC 319
Leonard Manzara

CPSC 319: Definitions Data Structure: The organization of elementary data types into a larger, structured aggregate - Used to store data for an application - May be directly supported by a programming language o E.g. Arrays and structs in C - Usually created by a programmer o Reusable code for a data structure may be kept in a library § E.g. Vector class in java.util Algorithm: a well-defined set of instructions for solving a problem - May be expressed: o Informally (e.g. in plain English) o Formally, using specially designed mathematical notations - Is abstract o Is independent of its implementation (i.e. code written in a particular language) Abstract Data Type (ADT): a data structure accompanied by a set of access functions - The implementation details are concealed from client code o Uses information hiding - The functions: o Create objects of the ADT o Access the contents of the data structure - Classes in an object-orientated language are ADTs where the concealment is enforced by language syntax - E.g. Stack ADT o Access functions: new, push, pop Classification of Data Structures: Linear Structures - Unique predecessor - Unique successor Hie
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