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Assigment 1 Self-generated Solution

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ECON 359
Frank Atkins

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-A YeAk" /ぷーA-tech nalZX-Tevet 一L:-the-quantities of ーTbT-T7s ProprunAU to A mean s when we double Aegiuene the-the_ outpet_r-de bles-as-well. cepm-L (ie wi) win in-d to an int renee anti nter) means-as-kLLI 50- heter分nnt perl_件t-the-climin-thinei-t-the--Gobb-9ou7trt- Gtjrqt1 RTZJT_广 =-A sai able-style-so-n when- 얘ド0-ヲ-g.cYp)-SHA lp -yah Ae 누 444%AL5kya1AAtt r-AR12 (宗严严 一tb)- CE노ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ -5ects Est)크-u-surge-c3 ーPatーアーpー p_1natina).cresK % せ-sidin产 fthha. 訏----七一' t아ㅡㅡ-a恢: 是 Sfm一一ㄧ雨 increase一ラ主deere-se f-r -S:fon-ent tart.-크-ek decreea - rtす4ー4ー 포 Tete In. 10-taj \+-Aberrtrpnt-七-mesh thrthburfaa īynius a role for 2overnment asses al-a-ceased, economy -A YeAk " / ぷー A - tech nalZX - Tevet 一 L : -the - quantities of ー TbT - T7s ProprunAU to A mean s when we double Aegiuene the - the_ outpet_r - de bles - as - well . cepm - L ( ie wi ) win in - d to an int renee anti nter ) means - as - kLLI 50- heter 分 nnt perl_ 件 t - the - climin - thinei - t - the -- Gobb - 9ou7trt - Gtjrqt1 RTZJT_ 广 = -A sai able - style - so - n when- 얘 ド 0- ヲ -g.cYp ) -SHA lp -yah Ae 누 444 % A
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