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ENGL 406
Jacqueline Jenkins

December 3, 2012 English 406-01 Lecture - pretty good chance Sir Orpheus will show up - can have the same text show up more than twice – different passages from the same text - clues that its Mallory o prose not poetry o about battles, horses, knights o will look different - exam is 2 hrs. only o don’t spend longer than 25 mins on your translation - possible texts for each questions and possible approaches to the questions Discussion - individual group Question #2: - dreamer, Margery Kempe, Juliet of Norwich - book of duchess – dreamer unable to grasp the idea of text o to what extent do u have to distance yourself from the text o used the dreamer to create distance o - dream as plot element o idea of supernatural – putting into context, always relating things to religion o especially for Kempe – dream is seen as a divine message o in book of duchess – by going into the dream, the plot is further developed  because it’s a dream, we can examine the depth of the man’s sorrow over the loss of his wife - Kempe o using scribe to distance herself away from the text; same effect as using a dreamer o using scribe creates a sense of authority - Sir Ortheo o As a result of the dream, he has to go through a series of trials and tribulations o His wife is distanced away from the whole problem o When he goes into the fairy kingdom, his wife is sleeping in there  By sleeping, the voice of his wife is taken away  She goes with the ideas of the patriarchy society - Dream allows author to comment on society without attracting criticism and accusations of being against the hierarchal system of society o Dream was seen as symbolic not realistic and therefore had more liberties Question #3: - Texts: Margery Kempe, Sir Orpheo, Sir Gawain o Orpheo and Gawain are attached to stories that people had connections with - Comes back to the individual – different scribal methods of writing this text, the women reading this text - Sir Gawain – context of where the legend comes from; who is Morgan LaFey o Need to know Merlin, Arthur and Morgan’s relationship o Gawain is related to Arthur in two ways: his knight and his cousin/nephew Class discussion about the exam: Question #1 - Look at origin of culture o is our culture affecting how we read the text or is it the culture at the time when the book was written influencing the text o Gawain, Orpheo, Mallory – because they are consistent in their tropes and are very similar to each other - Mythology & reference to classical literature o Danger: relying to heavily on this one type of literature o Benefit is you get a rich understanding - Book of Duchess o Understand the characters more o Counter: you ascribe way too much in the context, lose the voice of author itself  Lose the purpose of the author if you read the text simply as a product of the culture - Multiple number of correct answers – need to think through a good argument o Danger: basin interpretation on the history/culture of the text is dangerous as the history can change and does changes frequently  Blinded by the context a
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