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Malory's reinterpretation of King Arthur/Lancelot

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ENGL 406
Jacqueline Jenkins

English – November 20, 2012 1947 – different version of Winchester manuscript was published - before Cagstons manuscript was where all info was derived from o Consisted of 21 books Winchester manuscript - the whole book of Arthur and his round table - 8 books, overlapping character or themes Malory - reworked earlier texts by making Lancelot central figure o more important than Arthur even o Arthur provides moral center for the knights - death of Arthur shifts attention back onto Arthur - Lancelot strives for perfection o More courtly, more adventure seeking, champions more women, serves king abroad and locally than other of the knights o Seeks spiritual advancement o Is a good lover - Arthur is the center but Lancelot is the ideal to which other knights are compared to o Lancelot is not always shown to be perfect  Because all of desires put demands onto him  By being true lover to Guinevere he fails in the Grail quest o Causes him to betray Arthur  His attempt to live up to the demands of his different desires and his failure to succeed, makes him sympathetic to the reader
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