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Translation of Poems incl. A Womens Lament

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ENGL 406
Jacqueline Jenkins

Engl Oct 9, 2012 - Lyrics are primary text; can be tested st - 1 stanza of lyric one (A woman affirms her marriage vow) o Where I have chosen I will be steadfast o Never have I repent o I will serve whatever you command of me o I will never withdraw my service for fear  MIDDLE ENGLISH – more negatives in sentence = more negative  Tribal middle English used u as u and inner v  Same problem with i/j o Thus I am bound by your excellence,kindness (godelynhede) o Which has caused me to do your service and in that way I will live - 2 stanza of lyric one o No other can deserve what you deserve o To serve you without inconsistency o Dewte = obligation, something you must do by right  Has feudal reference o Due = obligated duty, o Varyaunce = change in commitment, change in feelings, inconsistency - 2 lyrics – A woman submits to merciless fortune o You are to blame to set your heart so sore as you know there’s not end to the pain st - 1 stanza of 3 lyric – woman wishes her absent husband recovery o Bat = unless  Unless you suffering is soon amended o who but you may sustain me = ho but ze may me sustayne - 2 stanza of 3 lyrics o Weche = witch o Remembrance = his memory o Bat God in yow
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